Fri Feb 24: Art Encounter

: A woman with dark hair and dark clothing with transparent sleeves against a black background, caught between movements. Her left arm curves above her head, with palm facing up, and her right arm extends fully out to her side. She looks out toward her right hand. Less clear than this body position, her right arm appears faintly, extending slightly down and bending up at the elbow, and her left hand appears faintly to the left of her face.

Photo: Marc Carter


A new pilot residency at the park invites you to become part of the artistic process. This year’s resident, movement artist Paige Barnes, presents three programs exploring interconnections between the systems of the body and the surrounding environment.

During Barnes’ residency, she will explore how the park can act as a metaphor of the body. Visitors will have the opportunity to engage in her process through meditative walks and pulse readings. Barnes plans to respond to each individual who participates through improvised movement solos, musical interpretations with Evan Flory-Barnes, written poems by Vanessa DeWolf, and animated drawings by Stefan Gruber. The information gathered during the residency will inform three free public programs, each uniquely inspired by the pulse readings and visitors’ experiences.

Barnes received partial funding from Seattle Office of Arts & Culture.