Fri Feb 24: Art Encounter – Amplifying Pulse

: A woman with dark hair and dark clothing with transparent sleeves against a black background, caught between movements. Her left arm curves above her head, with palm facing up, and her right arm extends fully out to her side. She looks out toward her right hand. Less clear than this body position, her right arm appears faintly, extending slightly down and bending up at the elbow, and her left hand appears faintly to the left of her face.

Photo: Marc Carter


Amplifying Pulse is inspired by the pulse listening method in Traditional Chinese Medicine. Paige Barnes has been in residence at the Olympic Sculpture Park exploring the intersections of her Eastern healing and dance movement practices with poet Vanessa DeWolf, musician Evan Flory-Barnes and animator Stefan Gruber. Barnes’ residency has primarily been spent listening to park visitors’ pulses and responding to each through dance movement and poetry. On February 24, this experience will be expanded to include 10 dancers and 3 musicians. The evening will move between the intimacies of individual pulse readings and the invited chaos of group improvisations with dance and music.

Amplifying Pulse Artists:

Director: Paige Barnes

Poet:  Vanessa DeWolf

Animator: Stefan Gruber

Dancers: Chloe Albin, Paige Barnes, Etienne Cakpo, Jessie Chung, Randy Ford, Camille Fujita, Serge Gubelman, Ella Mahler, Devin McDermott, Milvia Pacheco and Tamin Totzke

Musicians: Beth Fleenor (clarinet, voice), Monica Schley (harp, voice), and Ivory Smith (electronics, voice)



11 dancers will each listen to a person’s pulse and respond with a solo dance. This will happen in three cycles titled: Full Moon, Waning Moon and Crescent Moon. The Pulse Readings have been pre-registered. Everyone is invited to stay and witness these powerfully intimate dances.

7:30-9pm PERFORMANCE: Inviting Chaos

Chinese medicine views the body as a reflection of the environment; Paige Barnes has spent January and February at the park exploring this metaphor. Barnes imagines the park as a body with five organs like Chinese medicine perceives the human body through the five element theory. These five elements and their associated properties have been related to five park sculptures. Tonight the pulse readings, the sculptures, and their parallel organ systems have shaped the performance score.

Performance Score:  
Scene 1: LIVER (Stinger, 1999, Tony Smith) > Solos + Group Accumulation
Scene 2: SPLEEN (Neukom Vivarium, 2003-04, Mark Dion) > Reflections + Shadows
Scene 3: KIDNEY (Echo, 2011, Jaume Plensa) > Reflections of Despair
Scene 4: HEART (The Eagle, 1971, Alexander Calder) > Repeat + Amplify
Scene 5: LUNGS (Wake, 2004, Richard Serra) > Chaos
The End: RETURN TO THE ARTLAB > The root of the pulse

Barnes received partial funding from Seattle Office of Arts & Culture.