Fri Jan 27: Art Encounter – Bridging Pulse

Two figures stand in front of a dark wall with projections of bright blue, green, fuchsia, yellow, and white scribbled lines. The figure on the left faces out and looks down, her face and parts of her body illuminated by the bright scribbles. Behind her, against the wall, is a shadow of her head and torso. The figure on the right faces the wall, their left arm extended straight up. They are also partially illuminated by scribbles and their arm creates a shadow on the wall.

Photo: Bruce Clayton Tom

Bridging Pulse is an evening of spontaneous composition across disciplines with dance by Paige Barnes, music by Evan Flory-Barnes, animation by Stefan Gruber, and poetry by Vanessa DeWolf. Inspired by the pulse listening method in Traditional Chinese Medicine, Paige Barnes has been in residence at the Olympic Sculpture Park exploring the intersections of her Eastern healing and dance movement practices. Barnes’ residency has primarily been spent listening to park visitor’s pulses and responding to each through dance movement. The information Barnes has been gathering during her residency will culminate in the creation of a performance for Bridging Pulse on January 27.

The participating artists will bridge listening to an individual pulse with a public gathering to create an intimate and illuminating collaborative experience. Chinese medicine views the body as a reflection of the environment. Extending this metaphor to the PACAAR Pavilion, the space will be transformed into a beating rhythm inspired by Northwest lighthouses by lighting designer, Amiya Brown.


Barnes received partial funding from Seattle Office of Arts & Culture.