Sat Feb 11: Kids’ Saturday

Kids' Saturday, February 11, 2017 at Olympic Sculpture Park, Seattle

Photo: Robert Wade

How are mountains formed? How do rocks move? Take a look at Tony Smith’s Wandering Rocks sculpture and the park’s views of the Olympic Mountain Range to learn more about how nature can inspire art. Use rocks to create your own landscape painting and find out more about how slow moving glaciers helped shape Washington’s landscape.

SAM Creates
Rock and roll takes on a whole new meaning! First, take your rocks and dunk them in paint, then roll your rocks on paper to create a beautiful mountain range painting with artist Sabrina Chacon-Barajas. 

Clap your fears away, worry’s for another day! Grab a cardboard box from home and get creative turning it into a vehicle for an indoor “drive-in” movie.

Featured screening at 12:30 pm
Episodes of Fraggle Rock

Park Adventures
Put on your rain gear and become outdoor explorers with Forterra! Start with a short storytime reading of “Everybody Needs a Rock” by Byrd Baylor and then head outside. Look for different types of rocks along your journey and discover how glaciers, sediment, and rocks contribute to a healthy ecosystem.

Community Partner
Rock out with University of Washington, Department of Earth and Space Sciences! Experiment with goo that moves like a glacier and see what influences a glacier’s flow down a mountain.