Sat Mar 11: Kids’ Saturday

Kids' Saturday, March 11, 2017 at Olympic Sculpture Park, Seattle

Photo: Robert Wade

Get inspired by one of the park’s biggest works, Richard Serra’s Wake. When you walk through this huge metal sculpture towering above you, do you feel extra small? The artist uses materials and scale, or size, to change the way you experience the space around you. Learn about movement, scale, and perspective in our natural environment through art making and community based activities.

SAM Creates
Let yourself experience a wide range of emotion as you grab a cardboard box from home and get creative turning it into a vehicle for an indoor “drive-in” movie.

Featured screening at 12:30 pm
Inside Out

Park Adventures
Put on your layers and become outdoor explorers with Forterra! Grab hands and form a ring with your friends and family. How big can you make it? As big as the widest tree in Washington? Think about size and perspective as you visit with evergreen trees in the park’s valley and move through Richard Serra’s Wake.